Dr. Light Miller taught me most of what I know about herbal oils and therapeutic use of essential oils for women, pregnancy and various conditions addressed by Ayurveda. Naam Yoga taught me how to master my breath and how to use breathwork to cleanse and elevate the consciousness of women who are preparing to bring a soul into the world. Mas Vidal of Dancing Shiva taught me the art of Pancha Karma and hatha yoga. Ysha Oakes of Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga & Ayurveda taught me how to artfully apply Ayurveda to the postpartum period, the sacred window of time after a woman gives birth. Shankara taught me how to mindfully lead therapists and apply the philosophy of Ayurvedic living to their vocation. Dr. Levry taught me how to uplift my vibration so I can be a beacon of light for others, not just in the therapy room, but at all times.